Medicinal Wildlife Conservation

CIRMAD’s Medicinal Wildlife conservation projects:

The “Sustainable Medicinal Wildlife Initiative”

“Unlike medicinal plants harvested and the plant is left standing, to acquire medicinal wildlife products wild animals are hunted and killed!”

From 2010 to 2012, CIRMAD carried out 2 successive phases of a medicinal wildlife conservation project, titled: Promotion of the sustainable use of indigenous wildlife resources as medicinal wildlife, in Cameroon’s North-West Region.

Phase I, of 2010:

  1. Field surveys on medicinal use in Northwest Cameroon
  2. Production of a medicinal wildlife poster
  3. Awareness campaigns
  4. Symposium for presentation survey results and poster produced
  5. Participation in celebration of African Traditional Medicine Day 2010

Phase II, 2011-2012:

  1. Running a Medicinal Wildlife Quarter-Hour” radio slot over Radio Abakwa, Bamenda
  2. Presentation of phase I results to MINFOF, WWF,WCS, etc in Yaounde
  3. Subsidizing of hunting licenses for legal acquisition of medicinal wildlife products
  4. Training seminar for tradipractitioners as on sustainable medicinal wildlife use.
  5. Production of Medicinal Wildlife Palaver, movie for conservation education
  6. Participation in celebration of African Traditional Medicine Day 2012.
Medicinal Wildlife Conservation Education Movie

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